General Information


Verification of Academic Certificates



The Iraqi Cultural Attaché in Britain verifies academic certificates issued by the UK and Republic of Ireland universities and scientific institutions. Academic certificates are verified and stamped by the Cultural Attaché following confirmations that are issued by the awarding bodies. 


Academic certificates, presented to be verified, can come from two different sources, with different procedures:


First: Academic Certificates submitted directly to the Attaché would be verified in one of the following procedures:


A - Certificates submitted in person to the Attaché are verified as following steps:


1. A file for each applicant is opened at the attaché, where the applicant fills in  a verification form in Arabic and authorisation letter in English, provide photocopies of their certificates, and pay a non-refundable fee £3.00 (Three sterling pounds per each certificate).


2. The Attaché will send a confidential letter to the awarding body of the certificate to confirm the authentication of the certificates (according to the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq).


3. Once the Attaché receives a confirmation from the awarding body, the applicant will be informed via e-mail. The applicant is then required to bring in original copies of certificates, Upon receipt of these, applicants will be provided with a copy of university confirmation letter stamped by the Iraqi Cultural Attaché too.


4. A non-refundable fee of £3 (Three sterling pounds) is paid in cash for each copy of academic certificate. Postal order or cheques are not acceptable.




B –Certificates sent by post to the Attaché are verified in the following steps:


1. The applicant has to fill in a verification form in Arabic and authorisation letter in English, which is available on the Attaché website. A sample of a filled-in verification and authorisation letter can be found on the website as well.


2. Some universities and awarding bodies of the academic certificates charge special fees to validate their certificates. These fees vary from one institution to another. The applicant must pay the fees to those parties directly, not to the attaché, and send a copy of their receipt to the Attaché.


3. A non-refundable fee £3.40 can be paid online using (PayPal). Postal Order and cheques are not acceptable. For online payment, please click on the link below:




4. The applicant has to send the verification form, the authorisation letter and photocopies of all certificates together with the confirmation of online payment of fees to the Iraqi Cultural Attaché by recorded delivery.


5. The applicant will be informed of the receipt of the forms via e-mail.


6. All received certificates are checked for any missing documents. If any documents are found to be missing, the applicant will be contacted by email and required to send these in.


7. The applicant will be informed as soon as soon as the attaché receives confirmation of the certificate from the awarding body. The applicant or his/her representative will then be required to attend in person so that original certificates can be verified and stamped.




Important Notes:


1- If the applicant is unable to attend in person, all original copies of certificates and a pre-paid envelop with address can be sent by Recorded Delivery to the Attaché. The certificates will be verified and stamped after receiving the confirmation of the awarding body. A copy of the awarding body confirmation letter will be stamped by the Attaché and returned to the applicant using the pre-paid envelop.




2- The Cultural Attaché is not responsible for any lost certificate by post.


3- The applicant should check that he/she has filled in all the information required in the verification form and authorisation letter, paid the fees via the online payment (PayPal) and enclose all concerned certificates before sending them to the Iraqi Cultural Attaché for stamping and verification.


4- The Attaché does not accept any fees sent in as cash by post.


5- Enquiries about verification should be exclusively directed via the following e-mail ONLY:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Second: The verifying academic certificates which are sent to the attaché by the Directorate of Scholarships and Cultural Relations at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq (MOHERS) or the Directorate of Certificates at the Iraqi Ministry of Education in Iraq (MOE) involve the following steps:


1- A file for each applicant is opened at the Attaché. The Attaché will write to the awarding body to verify the authenticity of certificates received.


2. Upon receipt of the awarding body confirmation letter, the Attaché sends a formal reply together with a copy of the awarding body confirmation letter to the Directorate of Scholarships and Cultural Relations at (MOHERS) in Iraq or to the Directorate of Certificates (MOE).


Please note that the Attaché prepares a monthly report containing all the details of academic certificates that were verified during that month. Reports are sent to (MOHERS) and (MOE). 


A sample of a verification form filled with information in Arabic


A sample of an authorisation letter filled with information in English.




Important information regarding verification of school certificates:


Certificates related to pupils in the compulsory education system (5-14 years old) are verified and stamped by the Attaché on the day of applying.


If the school certificate contains grades such as GCSE results, then the attaché will write to the awarding body prior to issuing its stamped verification.